Architectural Model making Tutorial

Finally, when a decision has been to create an Architectural Model, this tutorial provides you an in-depth overview of all the procedures to create the best one of it. No model has the perfection, (after all it is just a model, not an original architecture), but an attempt can be made to reach the nearest to that perfection level.


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Given below are the steps to be followed in making an Architectural Model:
STEP – 1 Gather required Materials: –
Collect everything needed to make the given model.
Not only the constructive models, but it also includes the collection of information regarding the project work for which model is to be made.


STEP – 2 Make layouts: –
Be ready with the layouts, drawing, sketches and craft works that may be required for the model. For instance, consider a designer wall of a house.


STEP – 3 Detailing: –
Cut the pieces of the layouts down and give details, like colours, shapes, and dimensions to each one of them, and if necessary make holes and connectors on them to provide them a fit.

1 (173)

STEP – 4 Levelling and making Exteriors/Interiors: –
Now when all the key aspects are created and matched to the real one, it is now the key-part to create a level to stick them altogether, once the surface of the platform and floor is ready.
The exteriors, interiors, the walls, pillars, park-area, terraces, garden-area, and other amenities are looked at and models are made for these too.
Repeat the step-1 and step-2 to achieve this and with provided scaled dimension.

STEP – 5 3D Architectural Modelling: –
Finished everything, just a case is to be covered alas. This will provide the complete box-view of the whole of the architectural product, for which the model is just now constructed.
Roof pieces are cut together and finally they are attached to cover up the whole architecture. This comprises of making terrace gardens, elevator cabin, etc.

STEP – 6 Fabricating: –
Fabricate the whole model with perfectly matching colours, textures and decorations.
This step involves most of the tasks to give a realistic effect, and provide the best possible feel. The one that was created earlier while Making Layouts and Detailing, differs from this, in terms of outer validation.


Going through all these steps thoroughly gives a perfect outcome to the model, and the model is ready to showcase all the beauty that the real architecture would do. As well as, the viewer’s attraction towards the model is quite more, due to the compactness.

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