3D Models and Theories of Graphic Designing

It is a general phenomenon understood which is quite a misconception, that the Graphic Designing and 3D Modelling are different branches but do the same work but the truth is that the meaning, approaches and output and all differs from Architectural 3D Modeling and Graphic Designing. When both of these are clubbed together a new art is formed which is not named yet officially, but still it is used as 3D Model Graphic Designing.



A 3D Modeling Studio cannot make 3D models and it is also not necessary that the Graphic Designer cannot surely do it. Though, Modellers are not graphic designers, still when modelling is initiated certain graphics are already created. 3D Modelling concepts in this era have grown to so much of extent that a new field of study was organized which was 3D Graphic Designing. This includes, 3D animations, 3D Model making, and 3D Virtual arts. Everything of this sort is done on a high-technologically configured computer graphics engine.


Difference between Graphic Designing and Model Making:

  1. In general, graphics are of 3D and 2D types so are the models, but graphics are mostly for the purpose of communicating a strong message. Whereas the models are meant for the purpose of replicating an original product.

  2. Graphic designing also includes designing graphics from the models i.e. the graphics on a computer can be designed from the model. But, there is not any graphic which can act as a resource for a model, since graphics do not have any functionality.


  1. Graphics are of classifications and not of types. 3D Models have both types and classifications on the basis of their attributes.

  2. 3D Models, if functional, can serve the benefits of the real object, at the time when the real object is not functioning. Graphics are purely non-functional. They do not have anything to do.

  3. Graphics can be manipulated. 3D models are exactly the same as the real product.

  4. 3D Models do not have any developmental scope, since, they are created once the final product has been finalized. Graphics are changeable and flexibility is there to give variations when necessary, which is not the case of 3D models.

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Both 3D Models and Graphics have lot many things to do with each other. But none of them are replaceable to each other. Graphics have their own things to do so the models do the same with themselves.

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