3D Exterior Rendering Techniques for Commercial Projects

Photorealistic Exterior view for commercial project is now a days a most challenging yet more creativity oriented stream of workflow in business environment and even in the design ventures. When Designs and Business Ventures clubbed together a new commercial design approach comes alive. And this makes a design live for the business and so does the business. Business ventures do not have any specifications like houses and villas do, but still there is a huge scope where designs can be applied. The functional requirements for houses and offices and business are altogether different. Therefore, they must be rendered in mind first, then in the outside world.



Here a brief of the areas where 3D Exterior Illustration is to be applied for commercial project is given from the design’s point of view perfectly matching the business and its orientation:


  1. External Walls – The walls of the commercial projects are treated as a best source of customer attraction. So the renderings for the walls should be made in such a way that the transparency of the commercial business and the customer’s needs get aligned.


  1. Hoardings and Sign boards – What business does what? What office is allotted for what? The answers to such questions are positively given by hoardings and sign boards. It is a must for the designer to include commerce names, logos and business corporate identities helping the customer find way to particular product/service.

  2. Amenities – The businesses like Telecommunication companies, BPO/KPO centres etc. are profession and service oriented. Therefore the exterior renderings for such business must not contain useless amenities like commercial shopping centres. The commercial shopping areas and complexes may contain entertainment amenities. Therefore, each design must be used with careful study and research about the business.


  1. Security – No business has a security-less attitude. The exterior renderings in 3D for security cabins, CCTV cameras, biometric entrance, etc. are treated and they are also given importance appropriately.

  2. Basics – The facilities for the workforce like water supply, sanitizations, eating places, etc. must be included in 3D Exterior Renderings. No such area must be located a very inside and even a very outside of the business area. This makes a design fail in appropriateness and functionality. The basic facility renderings are required to be considered with the size and proportion of the workforce and even the size of the facility needed.

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