3D walkthrough and its impacted areas getting benefitted

3D Walkthroughs and the animations are not only beneficial to the public (the viewers) but it is also beneficial to the designers as they reduce their time and effort without making any type of compromise with the design quality and the resolution. The benefits thereof are many but are mostly to the viewer. Whenever a viewer wants to enjoy everything about any type of product and asks the designer to design one such material, then 3D walkthrough is the first methodology that would pop up in the mind of that designer. And also, the visual communication is improved with the help of the 3D Walkthrough and any such type of representational method used in computer graphics.



Following are the areas in which the designers use 3D Walkthroughs:

  1. Architectural representation: For any type of architectural endeavour, 3D walkthroughs can be designed so as to outcast everything that is contained in that particular building and even animate that so as to make sure that the viewer sees it in live mode.


  1. Simulation / Training: For the students, to educate them with some complex machine like boilers, aircrafts, furnaces and other mechanical robots, 3D walkthroughs are best suitable for such type of job, reason being, the students can actually see how the thing of that category work.

  2. Abstract: The abstract services and the products that doesn’t have any physical presence but still it is necessary to show it to the eyes of the people, at that time the 3D Walkthrough is thought of due to its technicality to show up everything that is in one’s mind and a fresh object can also be created.


Following are the features that 3D walkthrough possess to survive with the mentioned benefits:

  1. 3D tools: Everything is designed in 3D. ‘x’ axis shows the width, ‘y’ axis is for the denotation of the height and the ‘z’ axis is for the depth. This includes everything and 3d is rendered from it.

  2. Colour visuals: The true colour visuals in the mode of ‘CMYK’ (Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black) are best used in 3D walkthrough animation and this also benefits in printing the whole artwork.

  3. Live animations: The 3D walkthrough cannot just be the arrangement of images of various positions of the object, but it should be made alive by animating and using the transformational tools like rotation, scaling, and transitions of various translations. This gives life to walkthrough and the viewer actually can visualize that in action.

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