Best 3d rendering software for sketch up

Here some software below that for sketches up:-

Indigo renderers

Although free only on trial basis, I have to put this on the top according to my preferences for 3D Rendering plugging for Sketch up. The price is high for the actual license but in my opinion for somebody whose source of income is rendering in Sketch up.


Maxwell rendering plug-in

Maxwell for Sketch Up is a rendering package, unlike Indigo specifically designed for Sketch Up. It’s like the simple and sober in the fact of software that it is a self-contained package that adds itself to the Sketch Up interfaces, much like most extensions but allows for a far easier rendering experience than any other extension.


Render [in]

Render [in] is another very powerful plug-in for Sketch Up but with a limited domain. Its main focus is on the WYSIWYG “what you see is what you get” philosophy, but even in this limited domain, it offers extensive flexibility and functionality.


Thea renderer

Thea Render is another plug-in developed for rendering with applications such as Sketch Up and others. Its complexity, learning curve and know that thing of how required for product comparison are what put this plug-in at the position. In order to introduce this plug-in, a few points need to be explained with special focus before we address the plug-in itself.

Caravaggio renderers

One version is for Rhino and the other for Sketch Up. Obviously, we will be talking about the Sketch Up version, but within the choice of platform, there exist two further options. One is the Studio version of creation, which is standalone software meant for an independent, complete, single unit studio version, whereas the Render version is meant as a plug-in for Rhino and Sketch Up. We will be focusing on the plug-in version, because not only is that the aim of this catalogue, but also due to the fact that the plug-in version makes it much more standardized for the Sketch Up designer to learn and use.

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